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With a third of our waking hours spent doing it, it’s one of the most important pieces of the happiness puzzle: our job. People whoe strike the perfect balance between doing what they’re good at, what they love doing, what the world needs, and fair compensation are in the rule happier people who live fulfilling lives.

That’s why we focus on a single concept: talent. We believe that by taking the time, digging deep, challenging, and exploring, we evoke the innate talent in you. Having lit your spark, we match your talent with the organization that desperately needs your gift.

Through this marriage, Evoke helps you take the first step on a lifelong, sustainable path of personal growth. We believe that from here on out, challenging your talent, nurturing it, developing it further an utilizing it for ourself and others is the oxygen you need to live a full, meaningful life. Our mission? To help you breathe it in.


How we get there? By relentless focus on our Big, Hairy and Audacious Goal.



Evoketeers are focused, engaged, true team players, and above all, entrepreneurial. The staffing market is competitive, so we must create our own opportunities. When the situation calls for it, we adapt rapidly. We love the game and aim for success.

Through the 360-degree role, our Career Coaches have full control over the factors that determine success: recruitment, account management and career coaching. By allowing the Career Coach to specialize in a specific field within a designated region, we encourage an entrepreneurial culture. They negotiate pricing agreements, provide necessary training and collaborate with the marketing team to shape the content on our website and social media. This approach allows us to seize opportunities, create value, and intelligently meet the needs of our clients and Evokers.

This challenging way of working requires motivation, creativity, and a tremendous amount of drive. To be successful, they must possess the right skills and tools. That’s why their career begins with an intensive internal training program. Even after that, we continue to coach and train them because at Evoke, learning is an ongoing journey.



By building personal connections, we invest in high-quality relationships. Ever since our establishment, this personal attention has created a pleasant working atmosphere and helps to foster long-term commitment from Evokers, Evoketeers and clients to our organization.

The dedicated Career Coach knows the talent, experience and ambitions of each Evoker. They serve as a coaching partner, helping them achieve their aspirations, even during challenging times.

The start of a new Evoker is just the beginning. Our Evokers are immersed in life: they specialize throughout their careers, their personal situations evolve and their interests develop. Together, we assess what each Evoker needs to feel completely fulfilled, adjusting the plan as necessary. This ensures that every assignment aligns perfectly with their current stage of life.

Client needs are also dynamic. Through personal conversations, the Career Coach maintains a close relationship with each company, gaining a clear understanding of our contact’s key challenges. This collaborative approach allows us to make the right choice in selecting the most suitable Evoker.

Furthermore, there is extensive focus on the personal development of Evoketeers. Our competitive organization offers abundant opportunities for growth and realizing ambitions. In progress interviews, we encourage each other to further develop in the direction that best suits individual goals.

In addition to the dedicated Career Coach, Evokers and clients also get to know many of our passionate fellow Evoketeers. Ultimately, it is the collective effort of the team that ensures smooth operations, from front office to back office and from finance to marketing. We are a close-knit organization that enjoys coming together for informative knowledge sessions, spirited team-building events, and enjoyable barbecues.



At Evoke, our Career Coaches delve deep into their respective fields. They not only understand the challenges and needs of companies but also the talents and desires of professionals. This level of involvement is achievable because they are specialists in their specific areas of expertise.

Focus is crucial to our success. As field specialists, we grasp the nuances between industries, production techniques and software. When engaging with professionals, we speak their language, ensuring we always provide substantive solutions. This sets us apart and makes us unique.

New Evoketeers starting as Career Coaches without extensive field-specific knowledge undergo internal training. Within a year, the Evoke Academy transforms them into Career Coaches with a strong focus on their respective fields.

For the past 20 years, we have invested in the field-specific knowledge of our Career Coaches, fully integrating and safeguarding it within our systems. With numerous opportunities for advancement, we retain our expertise in-house. Career Coaches ascend to Team Managers, who in turn progress to Regional Managers. Our dedication to specializing in different fields continuously makes us smarter, better and larger.



Evoke aims to be and remain the leading Career Coach. To achieve this, an organization with a robust structure is crucial. Only through targeted, disciplined and meticulous work can we rapidly respond to situations.

The foundation is built upon a solid structure of carefully crafted protocols, automated workflows, and intelligent checks. Regular meetings and evaluations are inherent to our company culture. With this strong groundwork, we can collaborate and perform optimally under any circumstances.

Evoke is as eager to learn as the professionals we have the privilege of coaching. We are constantly focused on optimization because we are only satisfied when something functions exceptionally well. By maintaining careful minutes, we make decision-making transparent to everyone, ensuring that any adjusted processes are promptly integrated into the organization with clear protocols.

We are a close-knit team that takes care of one another, creating an environment where everyone feels welcome from day one. This solidarity is essential because we hold ourselves and each other to high standards. We must be able to trust that each person takes responsibility for constantly improving ourselves, each other and the processes. The combination of a structured mindset and teamwork is the driving force behind our strength and rapid growth.